28 outubro 2005


Ser poeta é ser mais alto, é ser maior
Do que os homens!
Morder como quem beija!
É ser mendigo e dar como quem seja
Rei do Reino de Áquem e de Além Dor!

É ter de mil desejos o esplendor
E não saber sequer que se deseja!
É ter cá dentro um astro que flameja,
É ter garras e asas de condor!

É ter fome, é ter sede de Infinito!
Por elmo, as manhas de oiro e de cetim...
É condensar o mundo num só grito!

E é amar-te, assim, perdidamente...
É seres alma, e sangue, e vida em mim
E dize-lo cantando a toda a gente!

Trovante : Ser Poeta (Perdidamente)
João Gil
Letra: Florbela Espanca
In: "Terra Firme" 87

18 setembro 2005


Here goes 1 of the setences I've posted before, but this time with the page where it came from; one of those sentences that really made sense along this last times...
And because of wanting really to come alive & know more about God, here I go on really new adventure...
no words, lost of emotions, but feeling great & getting ready to "Kick down the fourth wall of my own life's stage & interact with the world in ways that God leads us"; this is the main theme of the trainning I'll be on for the next times - So please pray, so that God will really be working on me & through me; that in everything I'll be able to focus on Him & have Him in all my ways. For strengh & wisdom.
A BIG hug, yours cxp.

P.S. I'll try to keep u updated through here sometimes or email.

10 setembro 2005


Sem pensar
Sem mto matutar
Aqui estou
ctg quero falar

Neste tempo e espaço [ficar]
Aqui estou
Ao qual chamamos dia
nunca igual
a ti quero escutar

Para lá da janela
Vejo verde, azul e luz a raiar
...e ai estás tu...
e sigo o teu olhar
ctg gosto de estar!

Ver como tu vês
...de cima, de preferência!
da tua perspectiva
e momento após momento...
e dizer
Aqui estou!

Clara X. Porfírio _ 7set'05

05 setembro 2005


Nesta manhã e após alguns dias de 1 frase, que a seguir transcrevo, andar às voltas na minha cabeça... 1 desenho com já alguns meses fez sentido e tb a frase começou a ter vida própria à medida que 1 pequena história me era contada;

" The vision?
The vision is Jesus - obsessively, dangerously, undeniably Jesus."

"A visão?
A visão é Jesus - obsessivamente, perigosamente, inegávelmente Jesus."

" 1 pequenita q fora salva há pouco tempo. «Minha menina», pergunta-lhe o professor, «agora, onde está Jesus?». Ela pensou durante 1 momento, e depois, olhando para o professor c/1 :) aberto, repondeu: «Jesus está no meu coração». «Sim», diz o professor, «Jesus está no teu coração. Mas, minha filha, q farás se satanás bater à porta do teu coração?». A pequenita voltou a pensar. Por fim, deu 1 resposta q não ocorreria a mtos cristãos já c/bastante maturidade: «Enviarei Jesus à porta». "
in O.J. Smith _ Homens de Deus _ edição em pt de 1976

30 agosto 2005

1 BOok

The vision and The Vow,
by Pete Greig
... received yesterday by mail from Chichester - W.Sussex - UK; can hardly wait to read it.. or better to go on reading it, since I had read a bit as I told you about it in "Time 2 trust" post.
I'll quote some parts just 2 give u a glimpse of it, the introduction on the 1st page of this book [1] & then leave some few links, so you can check out by yourself what is this all about. It's a double-sided book, in one side you have "The Vision - the call 2 dicipleship" broken down line-by-line & illustrated, like in ancient times books were wrote & drawn at church / monasteries. If you turned the book up side down, on the other side you have "The Vow - re-descovering life & grace".

[1] "Your young men will see visions" (The prophet Joel)

"The Vision" has touched literally millions of lives already, having spread by word of mouth from a single room in England to Washington D.C., Sydney, Australia, and the underground Church of China. These words, written by Pete Greig, have stirred artists, Djs, filmmakers, and countless ordinary people to live "dangerously, obsessively, and undeniably" for Jesus.

> 2 read - The Vision [ also in Portuguese- but its a Brazilian version ]
> 2 hear it - mp3
> 2 order UK, order Canada [ here you can also have more info on it ]

P.S. ... anything at all, just ask! ...alguma coisa é só perguntar ;].
No I do not receive anything @ all for "advertising it", just know many of us are in this track, so please check it out... passo toda a PUB, 'tou apenas a divulgar algo q está relacionado c/mtos de nós.

20 agosto 2005

sHApE iT

click p/zoOM _ praia do Meco _ 12 ago'05 _ cxp

...às vzs qdo menos esperamos, encontramos coisas :) na praia;
como alguém me disse nesse dia, enqto eu experimentava a pequena forma, e
se verificava q quase sempre virar o resultado ficava sem cabeça...
" - Pois, se calhar é por isso q algum miudo se fartou dela e a deitou fora !!"
... ou então ficou mesmo por lá perdida. Ou como eu pensei ao desenformar a areia: " Qdo a cabeça não tem juiízo, o corpo é q paga!"

Espero q estejam a ter 1 bom tempo este verão! HAVe FuN, whiLe U cAN!!
...e já agora deixem estas pequenas coisas à vossa volta, vos falem!?
Deixem q Ele vos molde, à medida q descobrem/observam.. estas coisas simples
... da vida!

15 agosto 2005


"Irás por el camino buscando a Dios:
pero atento a las necesidades de tus hermanos.
En cualquier momento, en cualquier lugar,
entre cualquier compañía, te harás la admirable
prengunta de Franklin:
"Que bien puedo hacer yo aquí?"
Y siempre encontrarás una respuesta
en lo hondo de tu corazón.
Apareja el oído, los ojos y las manos, para que ninguna
necesidad ninguna angustia, ningún desamparo, pasen de largo. Y cuando a nadie veas en el camino lleno de huellas,
que relumbran al sol.
Cuando el camino esté ya solitario, vuélvete inmediatamente hacia tu Dios escondido. Si El te pregunta dentro de tí mismo:
--¿Cómo es que no me buscabas, hijo mío?
Le dirás:
--Te buscaba, Señor, pero en los otros.
--¿Y me habías encontrado?
--Sí, Señor: estabas en la angustia, en las necesidades,
en el desvalimiento de los otros.
Y El, por toda respuesta, sonreírá dulcemente."

Iras por el camino -
Amado Nervo

10 agosto 2005


" Tinha que saber...tinha que ao menos 1 vez na vida
saber o que era sonhar
sem te ver
sem me recordar de ti
Estar simplesmente aqui,
só eu, sozinha;
para saber como era estar sem saber o que viria a seguir;
nem mesmo uma pista. Estar como que
pela 1a vez a começar de novo;
sabia quem era, o que tinha,
mas para onde iria?
Tinha que saber, que tentar sem rede desta vez;
não ir sem direcção, mas com convicção
e sem complicar.

Tinha que saber
tinha que saber, saber e saber...
Até que alguém amigo me disse
que antes de mais tinha que[saber] parar, resolver, esperar.

Agora quero:
saber andar sem os pés assentes no chão,
correr sem me cansar,
esperar por ti...e entretanto...quero
viver! "

16 Nov ‘04
Clara X. Porfírio

02 agosto 2005

TimE 2 TrUST

3rd july '05 _ malveira da serra _ going down 2 the beach _ cxpPosted by Picasa

As I had the chance of being away for a time of prayer @ Uhlers in the beguinning of july, something came alive 2 me. There was going to be a 48h prayer room & @ same time it was time to be around with each other, just take our time... read a book or walk through the mountains 'till the sea near by... what ever it would come around; so I went there for a slot @ prayer room on friday, just when it started, afterwards stayed for a time of worship, praying together & came back home. But as I wasn't satisfied! As I shared that, Lisa suggested me I'd come the next day so I could spend more time & that they'd like 2 pray over me. Even though I was feeling tired, I rested all day long on saturday & then I just had 2 go, what ever what I'd do next; I spent there the night in a tent on the garden...it remembered me good times;)... while I couldn't sleep ['cause I had slept too much during the day] I started 2 read a book, that I've curious for some time now - "The Vision / The Vow" from Pete Greig ,1 of the founders of 24-7 prayer. My flash light went off quickly, so I had to turn to [my feet] side where I could have some light, from of the outside street lamp. After some other funny things I got finally 2 sleep...

On the other day I had the chance 2 go 'till the beach with Carey [ + Chica on her back], Joey , Marty, Lisa & Heather; as we came back there was something that caught my eyes: Heather was getting tired & getting behind; she just shouted out loud to her dad :" - You just wait there, untill I get there!" [she demanded]. Then with her dad, sometimes she was walking with him,another time on his sholders " -Well I like it much more up here, I can see it all!" [Heather was getting happy & confident now!]; then Byron putted Heather down & told her to go in front, told her something 'bout marching @ a rhythm... all the rest of the way she asked if we were allmost there, but she was quite enthusiastic. Why? Quite simple, her dad did not stop all the way saying "- You are doing great!" & answeing all her questions with a smile.
During the day I chat with Lisa, kept on 2 read a bit more of that book I had started, & as I fliped over 2 see what were the next chapters, somethig else caught my attention "not clarity, but trust" - someone had written on the top of a page... so I read that small chapter. I found out two more interesting situations.
One, where someone asked Madre Teresa de Calcutá, how did she got 'till that day & if she could pray for direction for this person life; she answered that she wouldn't pray for clarity, 'cause she had never had that, the thing she had learned was trust - this was what she could pray for!
Then the other where the author tell us 'bout his son, that when he wants to go to the park, he jsut runs into his arms & says "- Dad I want 2 go the park!"; he doesn't really wants directions how 2 get there, he just knows his dad knows how to get there.

Well by now, you've probably understood where did I got!?
These things I saw or read, showed me how usually it happens between God & us.
How He stands always as a father supporting, encouraging us along the way & how we have definitively to TRUST. We are always waiting on God's direction & wanting to know it all [or please just a bit! ...just a clue!!] what should I do next or where should I go; we want clear instructions inside ourselves... but well I found recently [or once again] that only thing to do is to remain on Him.

& as a friend shared recently, He says :
"You will be delivered by returning and resting;
your strength will lie in quiet confidence."
Isaiah 30:15

26 julho 2005


"Don't ask yourself
What the world needs;
Ask yourself
What makes you come alive.
and then do that.
Because the world needs people who have
come alive."

Harold Whitman

" The greatest christian revolutions
come not by the discovery of something
that was not known before.
They happen when somebody
takes radically something that was always there"

Philip Yancey


22 julho 2005

DriNk IT

isto é o q acontece qdo s bebe leite logo pela manhã...:] e não só!
E tb qdo ficamos fixados no pacote d'leite antes de o deitar fora...
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19 julho 2005

TimE 2 DrEAm

While you share, you discover yourself, learn new things with others... better: while you share, you turn your dreams alive!

I've been dreaming a lot for Pt these last times, not just 2 start something I'd like 2 do & feel realizated with, but seeing things differently & believing in it!
If there is power in our own words... just imagine if we all start "dreaming out loud" over what ever in our life [we are going through]... as well, over our own nation!

I get really :) as I find out people who dare to do it!
This encourages me not stop dreaming...

This weekend I got the chance of being away with my family in a house that was fruit of dream... a peacefull place near by the mountains, Alvados, Porto de Mós; I felt really great there, we all did, it was just we were really being at home; since I got there I could not forget what David said & as I had the chance of sleeping out side in a "modern Hamaca"...as I saw the morning wakening [this to cut a long story short] I surely understood much better his words : " -I look up to the mountains – does my help come from there? My help comes from the LORD..." [1]
At the end we find out how they really do it as a family and to families! Thank you Rita, Rui,António e all the family @ Casa dos Matos [2] for receiving us as one of the family!
Back home I read about lots of details on the story of this place & as I started looking for a way of organizing/publishing my photos I ended up discovering new stories.

I found out something different.
This is Andrea, she is a painter, jewelry designer & photographer.
Check out the 2 last posts on her journal, 1 on Cindy who is courageously taking her time 2 start over & the last 1 on those casual daily life events that make you :) & that make you think over so many other things! [this has link to a bike shop ..check out all the concept of the shop & their social mission !]

These kind of stories get me thinking & really get enthusiastic about what we all can do with little! My heart just starts to go faster... I want to do something!! I dream about it !!
And w
ell this is just sharing something I found out, someone who has turned ideas into reality... still fighting with it...like this we realize that there is so much that can be done!
I count/trust on your creativity & dreams 2 pop out at the same time that we continuously support each other - learn 2 live as a comunity.
Come on it's time TO STAND UP! BRING dreams into reality!
DARE 2 do it! And by the way, keep sharing your stories ... we learn so much as we do it!

[1] Psalms 121:1
[2] another site- Casa dos Matos - Wonderfulland

12 julho 2005


For all my life 1 thing I have treasured the most or fighted for since I can remember - friends / relationships - we all have realized how important is to have friends, people in who we can trust.
I have also found out how much we can just learn from each other, how much is into just being ourselves, simple things we say, share - how this can fulfill others needs without we even noticing it. It can happen when we smile to someone in the street or in a silent time you spend with your best friend. As you give, not thinking in something in return, you'll receive,
still continue to give and still want to find out so much more... because there is so much than we can achieve and conquer together. I sometimes find myself smiling as I think about all this, just as a friend wrote in her last post
“This is just way too much fun!” . [0]

On the other hand, I know that sometimes as we expect too much, get really disapointed and then it hurts, I've been there sometimes and what do we do? We easily create walls around us, so that next time it would not happen. Sometimes it's quite normal we need our space or being by ourselves, but also there is a time for everything; the true is that we were not all-equipped for walking alone! We just can not see that we were created, just like that, "we're born for love; made to relate". [1] These longings come from God's own nature since we're made on His own image, as the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit continuously are relating to each other and were already before everything else was created!

One thing I can see is that this is an issue to be re-thinked constantly in our lives; we can do wonderful things through it [to reach/help others & as well ourselves, 'cause we discover things we wouldn't find out alone], it's our nature, it's God's nature on us.
So I see it as something natural in our daily lives, not as a technic or a strategie, but as something that flows from God's heart to the heart's of each one of us, and then to the hearts of others.
... there's a lot yet to be done!

[0] Borden, Lisa - Retreat Reflections, LisboaMatrix, 10th July post
[1] Hugget, Joyce - Just Good Friends? Growing in relationships, book

[I am trying 2 put in few words several ideas that God has been teaching me along so much time, through different situations since I was a child and even now that life is in a different phase and responsabilities.He has been showing me again.. It's difficult, 'cause I've met so many people along the way and each one has brought me something completly different, special and unique. Also through subjects I wrote/shearched about, verses, books I read; I think I'll write more into it... I hope so!]

07 julho 2005

bRAnchs RoOTs & cª

Se tu fores como uma árvore
e deixares que os teus ramos
cheguem até outros

Que os teus braços se
estendam, e entendam
tudo o que podes vir a ser
ou mesmo tudo o que és


Enquanto cresces
a chuva cai, a terra muda
as tuas raízes
jamais as irás esquecer.

16 Abril '99 _ cxp

30 junho 2005


by the sea_heysham_lancashire_u.k. _cxp

...sometimes there are no words 2 say... & the silence speaks for it self;
this times are :) & calm, but quite strange, 'cause we are used 2 have allways
something happening; altough we can't see, things are happening & when you
less expect they are given right into your hands... so wait patiently, search & do not give up!

21 junho 2005


arrabida sky _ jul'04 _ cxp

3 Tu escutas as nossas orações e todos os que se dirigem a ti,(...)
6 Tu nos respondes, ó Deus, nosso salvador, com admiráveis actos de justiça;
[ 'brigada porque nos dás sempre para além do q possamos imaginar..!! ]
tu pões em segurança toda a terra e a imensidão dos mares.
[ ..e nos seguras, assim como toda a terra, mares... td o que criaste!]
7 Tu manténs firmes as montanhas com o teu poder e a tua força.
8 Tu acalmas os bramidos dos mares, o estrondo das ondas e o tumulto dos povos.
9 Até os que habitam em terras distantes tremem perante tuas maravilhas; os teus feitos trazem gritos de alegria dum extremo ao outro da terra.
[ em todo o lado Tu estás a mexer e há grande alegria e entusiasmo no ar!!! ]
10 Tu cuidas da terra, enviando-lhe o orvalho e torna-la rica e fértil.
Enches a transbordar os rios caudalosos e fazes com que a terra produza o trigo, pois foi para isso que a criaste. 11 Irrigas os sulcos, regulando a sua altura; amoleces a terra com chuvas abundantes e abençoas as suas sementeiras.
[ continua a despertar, a restaurar e a amolecer os corações... mta chuva:) e as sementes vão/estão a crescer! ]
12 A tua bondade favorece as colheitas!
Por onde quer que vás há abundância.
[...quero disto, quero-te cmg ...Deus!! :).. vou ctg onde fores..!! ]
13 As pastagens do deserto tornam-se verdejantes e as colinas revestem-se de riqueza. 14 Os campos campos combrem-se de trigais;
todos cantam e gritam de alegria!

Salmo 65
português corrente

1 Silence is praise to you, Zion-dwelling God, And also obedience.
2 You hear the prayer in it all. We all arrive at your doorstep sooner or later, loaded with guilt,3 Our sins too much for us - but you get rid of them once and for all.
4 Blessed are the chosen! Blessed the guest at home in your place! We expect our fill of good things in your house, your heavenly manse.
5 All your salvation wonders are on display in your trophy room. Earth-Tamer, Ocean-Pourer, 6 Mountain-Maker, Hill-Dresser, 7 Muzzler of sea storm and wave crash, of mobs in noisy riot - 8 Far and wide they'll come to a stop, they'll stare in awe, in wonder. Dawn and dusk take turns calling, "Come and worship." 9 Oh, visit the earth, ask her to join the dance! Deck her out in spring showers, fill the God-River with living water. Paint the wheat fields golden. Creation was made for this! 10 Drench the plowed fields, soak the dirt clods With rainfall as harrow and rake bring her to blossom and fruit. 11 Snow-crown the peaks with splendor, scatter rose petals down your paths, 12 All through the wild meadows, rose petals.

Set the hills to dancing, 13 Dress the canyon walls with live sheep, a drape of flax across the valleys. Let them shout, and shout, and shout! Oh, oh, let them sing!

Psalm 65
The Message

13 junho 2005


...since february, through quiet times, speaking with friends here & there...
There are 3 things which need 2 be found, 2 be re-discovered, that are lacking in our daily lifes, families, streets, schools, jobs, churches and in our own country or even in our world.

So think about it... get into it...

1 Intimacy

  • + of God / - of ourselves [ 2 search Him, Know Him & be with Him ]
  • your heart [it all starts at the heart: decisions, the brokenness, the being available, atitude, changing of mentalities ]
  • others [ speak, comunicate, share with each other what is going on in your head & mostly in your heart!]
2 Identity

  • culture / society [ know your routs; grab your city/country own way of being ]
  • spiritual [ tackle boldly your position in Christ , do not let any one take it! ]
  • you / people [ know yourself; your background; have an individual consciousness 2 know 'till where you can go; as well beware of your gifts, skills and also of those :( stuff about your character ]

3 Simplicity

  • God's Things = simple things [... it is man who usually complicates , messes up everything ]
  • start small ... we don't need to have it all [ God blesses small beguinnings !]
  • in speaking, in being with each other... just be yourself!
    [ do not be afraid of showing your true colors ... ]

04 junho 2005


What if...
… suddenly everything you know

or call reality was gone?
… you would feel lost, on an unknown land
not belonging to any one?

I would tell you…

You’ll have to go far away
to get close & find your self.
You’ll have to get lost
to get there in a second.

You’ll feel that you’re the only one;
One of a kind
from” another race”.

[who knows… a winner one]

Far away from everything
you call your,from your “casual day “…

…you’ll know
Who you are;
Your roots are there, you can not deny,
the knowledge also.

All you have to do:... get back on “Your Horse”,

[ Get your self together ]

look [straight] ahead, go on , on “The Track”.

( … )

8th/9 th October ‘04
Clara X. Porfírio

26 maio 2005


" Words are like leaves;
where they most abound,
much fruit of sense
is rarely found"
Alexander Pope

"Dentro do nosso espírito
são colocadas as impressões de Deus"
João Cardoso _ 15 maio 05

"The rulling passion,
be it what it will,
the rulling passion
conquers reason still"
Alexander Pope

21 maio 2005


Just heard a lady from Marrocos,on a Tv program 'bout different cultures, telling her story when she came 2 Portugal... 1st just with her husband because of work; then they went back 2 their country, but 4 months later they were back here... they now live here and she manages a Marroco's traditional restaurant in Bairro Alto... she heard once a sentence from some friends : "Home is where yOUR heArT is.."; then she simply explained that here was where her heArT was beating faster and where she was trully living life...

It was quite amazing 2 hear about this family, as so many others that lately I am having the pleasure 2 meet & get 2 know; all my life I've been surrounded with friends from so many different places... and just love it, my HeArt gets really alive with them!

These days in wich we are living, mobility, got new meanings & strengh as a concept; also as something quite common on our daily lives... it's getting unique as our culture background and global @ same time as comunication in our days; today you are here, tomorrow there... even inside your own country! Because of business or simple times of rest, holidays, or to visit someone, in one way or another everyone gets that chance!

We were born in one place, we've our roots there.. but why do we can't just stay there?!
There's a inner need in people allways about something...

To Know more, 2 search peace, 2 go on and find new things, people & places...

Well, I think that is just us, human beings, we can't stay still... as God is all over ... we want to be as Our father or even more simply we are like Our father! ;]

[ LoOL, I was not planning 2 write all this stuff, I just started with the detail I found out in my "blue warm vest", that I had scanned, then one thing led 2 another... & suddenly I had wrote all this!!!]

19 maio 2005


" How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting,by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd;"

Eloisa to Abelard
Alexander Pope

[to read the complete poem, check out :
http://eir.library.utoronto.ca/rpo/display/poem1630.html ]

12 maio 2005


great adventures..1 year ago, 2nd day in London, no ticket 2 go in...
then after going through each single door @ Royal Albert Hall, @
main one, I asked some students, then 2 ppl from organization...
"-Do u want a Ticket? Here you have..!" It's Great when in middle of
u don't know what is going 2 happen next, of no matter what,
u trust & determine not 2 guive up :] !!
...by the way ConGraTulations Friend for 1 year of ur life has passed
since u GraDuAted!
Posted by Hello

[ image = just some tickets/stuff from while I was in Uk_ May '04 ]

02 maio 2005


there's no place like Arrabida... one of my favorite spots to think, sing
walk, swim, and listenning to God ;]...

I am :D, 'cause on the 7th May me & some friends will be able to go
through it _ a special guided walk to observe nature & also to reflect
on "Creation, justicy & Profecy"_ organized by "A Rocha" & GBU.

21 abril 2005


In these days when I am listenning so many new things or remembering old ones... I find myself thinking about all I went through this last year and how every single thing goes back to the start, to the same "key note".. the one I've been trying to find out, the right one, she has been right under my fingers.
As I once heard in a Tv program, the making of the film - Rey Charles:
"Take time to find the right note; that's what life is...we all have the notes under our fingers, we just have to take the time to find the right note, the one that will make us live..." - main actor.

After all...
...It all beguins in Your

" Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that's where life starts."

Proverbs 4:23
The Message

" The Wicked witch hated the love that the woodsman had for the young maiden. She set out to destroy him. Litle by litle his limbs were cut off and replacedwith arms, and hands and feet of tin.The final blow was to his heart.
At first the woodsmandidn't mind. It made him much more productive.He could work harder and faster, accomplishing more.Everything was just fine as long as he kept well oiled.One day he forgot to oil his joints and the rain camedown and he found himself frozen, unable to move.During the year that he stood there he had a lot of timeto think. He thought about the great loss that he had suffered,the loss of his heart
. "

The Tin Man
Wizard of Oz

13 abril 2005


I was reading one more chapter, day 11 of the book The purpose-driven life, " Becoming God's friends ", when my eyes where caught by a verse where we are told how God just simply palnned the all universe, including every detail on our life so we could know Him and be with Him... to be His friends.

> who talk all day long with Him, who are aware of His presence in every single task;
> ones who listen to His secrets, who obbey..

I went on reading the chapter in Acts and got really amazed how Paul was aware of God.. of His personality, but most of all he did not loose one chance ... he was aware where ever he went of the culture and ways of that city or people; he would grab that and just discuss about "the secrets" God had revealed to him! Quite simple isn't it?

"22 So Paul took his stand in the open space at the Areopagus and laid it out for them. "It is plain to see that you Athenians take your religion seriously. 23 When I arrived here the other day, I was fascinated with all the shrines I came across. And then I found one inscribed, to the god nobody knows. I'm here to introduce you to this God so you can worship intelligently, know who you're dealing with. 24 "The God who made the world and everything in it, this Master of sky and land, doesn't live in custom-made shrines 25 or need the human race to run errands for him, as if he couldn't take care of himself. He makes the creatures; the creatures don't make him.
26 Starting from scratch, he made the entire human race and made the earth hospitable, with plenty of time and space for living 27 so we could seek after God, and not just grope around in the dark but actually find him.
He doesn't play hide-and-seek with us. He's not remote; he's near. 28 We live and move in him, can't get away from him! One of your poets said it well: 'We're the God-created.' 29 Well, if we are the God-created, it doesn't make a lot of sense to think we could hire a sculptor to chisel a god out of stone for us, does it? 30 "God overlooks it as long as you don't know any better - but that time is past. The unknown is now known, and he's calling for a radical life-change."

Acts 17:26,27
The Message

11 abril 2005


as time goes by _ drawing during all afternoon Posted by Hello

04 abril 2005


Era criança
quando vi 1 mundo simples
e :)

Mais tarde
dei comigo frente ao espelho
tudo a mudar

mas ninguém parecia
me ouvir
Passaram-se anos
senti q afinal
acaba por ter o seu tempo

Quando dei por mim,
a vida crescia
... e de novo1 criança iria :) !

Hoje estou aqui,
amanhã logo se verá.
... mostro quem sou.
Este é o texto q indroduz a exposição colectiva em q participei e está a decorrer aqui no Barreiro, no Espaço J, onde tb já fiz a minha 1ª exposição de fotografia; desta vez reunimo-nos - quem por ali expôs no ano q passou e fizemos 1 tela em conjunto, q mostra 1 bocadinho de cada 1 destas fases descritas neste texto.
Se estiverem por estas bandas ou se forem daqui apareçam...

29 março 2005

GoD + PeOpLE

Procuras o qual o propósito da vida?
Terás que entender que só o vais encontrar quando perceberes que foste criado por e para Deus, só descobrindo e conhecendo-O, vais saber como é suposto seres... afinal de contas só com 1 manual de instruções ou falando directamente c/o inventor/criador, puderás entender como algo funciona... fazendo perguntas e procurando respostas_revelação_...
Assim o + importante não serás tu, tua realização, mas conhecer 1º a fonte de tudo isso, a fonte da vida!...
[depois de ter lido dia 1 de "Uma vida com propósitos" de Rick Warren]

E como já há dias que a seguinte música canta dentro de mim, aqui fica como que o meu "MuiTO Obrigado" a Deus que me criou e idealizou assim, me amou assim...e que me faz amar os que me rodeiam de 1 modo que me deixa tão :) ...
This is vida!...

"Se não te amasse tanto assim"

Meu coração
Sem direcção
Voando só por voar
Sem saber onde chegar
Sonhando em te encontrar
E as estrelas
Que hoje eu descobri
No seu olhar
As estrelas vão me guiar

Se eu não te amasse tanto assim

Talvez perdesse os sonhos
Dentro de mim
E vivesse na escuridão
Se eu não te amasse tanto assim
Talvez não visse flores
Por onde eu vi
Dentro do meu coração

Hoje eu sei
Eu te amei
No vento de um temporal
Mas fui mais
Muito além
Do tempo do vendaval
Dos desejos de um beijo
Que eu jamais provei igual
E as estrelas dão um sinal

Se eu não te amasse tanto assim
Talvez perdesse os sonhos
Dentro de mim
E vive-se na escuridão
Se eu não te amasse tanto assim
Talvez não visse flores
Por onde eu vim
Dentro do meu coração

Ivete Sangalo.

21 março 2005


...drawing somewhere at a table with friends...
...desenhar enqto se está c/amigos...Posted by Hello

Pois é muito engraçado o q acontece qdo estamos entre amigos ao som de 1 boa música e se passa 1 noite a conversar; melhor ainda é estar ai e de repente "já não estarmos"... é como eu a rabiscar, rabiscar o q vejo à minha volta ou o q simplesmente flui da minha imaginação... às tantas estamos tão envolvidos e conhecermo-nos de tal forma q o silêncio ( em termos de palavras) fala por nós... nesse instante... não consigo parar de comunicar, escrevo junto aos m desenhos... faço 1 pergunta por escrito, desenho perguntando por meio de 1 lua e *s, onde estás?
E é incrivel como surge entre 2 amigos 1 conversa através de pequenos rabiscos... outra lua, depois 1 lua e 1 sol e no final 1 outra versão da lua e do sol_ tipo 1s peças para mim; pergunta e resposta foram aparecendo por meio de desenhos. E neste tempo em q acho q comunicar é algo tão precioso e estou a voltar a descobri-lo e a "gozá-lo"... lembrei-me de momentos tão fixes qto estes em q desenhos num instante falaram por si ...
...isso fez-me lembrar "West Of The Moon"...

"East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)"

East of the sun and west of the moon
We'll build a dream house of love dear
Close to the sun in the day
Near to the moon at night
We'll live in a lovely way dear
Sharing our love in the pale moonlight

Just you and I, forever and a day
Love will not die; we'll keep it that way
Up among the stars we'll find a harmony of life to a lovely tune
East of the sun and west of the moon dear
East of the sun and west of the moon

Diana Krall

17 março 2005


Can You feel PORTUGAl tremble?
Can You see it COMING?
Can You see People CHANGING?
Can You feel COMUNICATiON / ShaRInG on the air?
Can You live SIMPLY BeiNG YOU?

Are You GRABBInG every DAy / MOMeNT?
Are You ChanGinG YOUR own HEART?

... lEt it FLOW from Your HEArT !!!!!
'cause if you'll share life, you'll get life!!!

"Did you feel the mountains tremble?

Did you hear the oceans roar?
When the people rose to sing of Jesus Christ, the risen One

Did you feel the people tremble?
Did you hear the singers roar?
When the lost began to sing of Jesus Christ, the Saving One
And we can see that God You’re moving
A mighty river through the nations
And young and old will turn to Jesus
Fling wide you heavenly gates
Prepare the way of the risen Lord

Open up the doors Let the music play
Let the streets resound with singing
Songs that bring Your hope
Songs that bring Your joy
Dancers who dance
Upon injustice

Do you feel the darkness tremble?
When all the saints join in one song
And all the streams flow as one river
To wash away our brokenness "

Hillsong United

11 março 2005


..continously learning to listen to God. Posted by Hello

In these times that I feel change is coming I often bump into this card that a good friend of mine gave to me some years ago; it seams that I am keeping on waitting and waitting for what God has for me... it seams like an endless time, but one thing I can be shore of is that WHAt He has promised, He'll get it done!! So I hope this encourages you all, as it as to me, and in the mist of what ever different phase you are going through life... look to GOD, and He will show you His own perspective of situations. And do not forget GREAT things are ahead us, so keep going!!

[Ah!... talking about perspective... read this article is really interesting and good, it shows how we can be really not looking at life through the right point of view! ]

I had more stuff about friends to share, but I'll do it in another time...
This a time when God speaks through so many ways [ for me it has been like really coming alive again!!He is showing me what is like to be me, to know His Heart] books, people, objects... and there is yet so much to discover also; it's a time I've some difficulty to chose what I'll share; I try to follow a subject, but then everything gets so connected I can't split them into different parts or pieces; Basically is this I can not imagine my life, work, relationships... without GOD!

10 março 2005


[ I was just going to do something quite simple..I got carried away;) click on it to zoOM] Posted by Hello

..for the ones that are here, for the ones that are there, for the ones I met once, for those I've never saw again; for the ones I talk with ever single day, the ones I know for many years, the new ones...
Please do not be sad if u're picture isn't here...u're so many it wouldn't feet here!!ehehehe!!!!... this is just a piece of some of my friends... maybe some of the most recent ones.. others for some years now!...
All of you are in my HeArT, so do not think I've forgotten u!

Each day I'll be just thankfull to GOD u've dropped into my life!
TO u AlL..Thanx!

01 março 2005

uSE iT

-> use it according instuctions below [last post] Posted by Hello


Hapiness, blessings + a " heart check up ":

...for the ones who do not go on telling stuff about without knowing;
...for the ones who put all their enthusiasm, day/night in God's Word;
...for the ones who'll trust in Him, will search Him and search for safety in Him;

:.there's fresh fruits in hot summer time, water and strengh to grow, to be successful allways!!
:.start point = a healthy heart ! :]

God is willing to examine our heart, our deepest thoughts of each one of us... and also to act up on the results, up on the way we are.. He heals, He fixes it, acts on our behalf, but he also rewards each one according to its own atitude and actions ! ;]

" How well God must like you - you don't hang out
at Sin Saloon, you don't slink along Dead-End Road, you don't go to Smart-Mouth College. Instead you thrill to God's Word, you chew on Scripture day and night. You're a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, Never dropping a leaf, always in blossom."
Psalms 1: 1-3

" But blessed is the man who trusts me, God, the woman who sticks with God. They're like trees replanted in Eden, putting down roots near the rivers - Never a worry through the hottest of summers, never dropping a leaf, Serene and calm through droughts, bearing fresh fruit every season. " The heart is hopelessly dark and deceitful, a puzzle that no one can figure out. But I, God, search the heart and examine the mind. I get to the heart of the human. I get to the root of things. I treat them as they really are, not as they pretend to be."
Jeremiah 17: 7-10

" Then I said, "God-of-the-Angel-Armies, you're a fair judge. You examine and cross-examine human actions and motives. I want to see these people shown up and put down! I'm an open book before you. "
Jeremiah 11: 20

" Take your place on the bench, reach for your gavel, throw out the false charges against me. I'm ready, confident in your verdict: "Innocent." Close the book on Evil, God, but publish your mandate for us. You get us ready for life: you probe for our soft spots, you knock off our rough edges. And I'm feeling so fit, so safe: made right, kept right. God in solemn honor does things right, but his nerves are sandpapered raw. Nobody gets by with anything. God is already in action - Sword honed on his whetstone, bow strung, arrow on the string, Lethal weapons in hand, each arrow a flaming missile."
Psalms 7: 8-13

The Message

27 fevereiro 2005

SHAre it

« yeh!!! I found urs @ Heidi's Blog!!So I took a
deep breath, 1st I read ur profile, then ur post on 5th feb... What caught my eye was:«..and then an EXPECTATION...just like dating with someone...it keeps the passion of the first love...we go to be alone with our lover...it's this expectation that will open our hearts to listen to God and find Him...» 'Cause I've shared this w u, but the weeks before the prayer room started, God has been showing(through news letters f/friends, other stuff I listenned 2 in t web or read) that the bible,from beguinning 'till the end, is all'bout, Romance, This Sacred Romance ;].It starts with a relationship, and it ends also.As well He has showing me that I can be w Him, like my Most of All (that He is!), my Guy!So That is it!Life can never be separeted f/This Great LovE!1 hug, clara.»

Well I had to copy, paste this... it was something I had thought about posting, so here it is... I wrote it as a comment on a blog of new friend of mine.. she really cool and has been sharing her heart about God, prayer, experiences, dreams.. and I had the chance of being helping her at the 24-7 prayer room... so check this out and if you want to know more about what happened go to her blog http://shantipilgrim.blogspot.com/so you can understand the context or check out the internationational site about this prayer movement at http://www.24-7prayer.com/cm/.

24 fevereiro 2005


Corações entregues a Deus destacam-se em relacionamentos.”
in BOMDIA _ aspec _ mail WARREN, Rick; Vida Com Propósitos; Ed. Vida

Vai muitas vezes à casa do teu amigo,porque as ervas daninhas depressa tapam o caminho não pisado.”
in papelinho Tânia Pinheiro, Edda

Não existe gente comum.Tu nunca falaste com 1 simples mortal.”
in BOMDIA _ aspec _ mail C.S. Lewis, Peso de Glória

O mar nos espande, o mar nos une.Somos perto de 5 milhões fora do país.Trazemos a diversidade emigrante, 1 valor acrescentado da nossa herança comum.As nossas comunidades em todas as costas do mar realizam em concreto o Grande Legado Português:o espírito de aventura e de descoberta,o saber da convivência e da mestiçagem cultural,a prática da cooperação e do respeito pelo outro.Guardamos há 5 séculos o segredo deste entendimento. ”
in FRAGATA D.Fernando EXPO 98 - mar da palha

20 fevereiro 2005


Well, no one got it? {see last post}
A simple picture as this? Forget 'bout the fact it came from a pijama and that it really spoke to me some how...
Just read and think 'bout it; I think it's quite easy to get and may be even 2 discover new ideas from these simple verses [ I 'm trying hard 2 put u 2 think, 'cause sometime ago this words got truelly alive to me... I had never view some details on it before, 'till I read sentence by sentence, word by word]
And NO, I won't make a drawing, figure it out by your own brain!!!

"The Man named ... birds of the air, named the wild animals;but he didn't find a suitable companion.

21 God put the Man into a deep sleep. As he slept he removed one of his ribs and replaced it with flesh.

22 God then used the rib that he had taken from the Man to make Woman and presented her to the Man.

23 The Man said, "Finally!
Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh! Name her Woman for she was made from Man."

Genesis 2: 20 - 23

to fit, to complete, to be part of
it takes time, it takes patient, it takes being shaped
to let it be
listenning to God
to recognize, to say : "- Ah! Ah!..."
it takes "old fashioned" ways also... good, pure and determined man!

Ah! & do not forget our time is diferent from God's time ;]

15 fevereiro 2005


my favorite pijama;]

Well I've been thinking of posting stuff 'bout a subject I really like, not just in "words" in daily life_action_
relationship(s); stuff I've read some where lately or written or talked 'bout w someone.Let's see how it will turn!?
People, frienDs, lives, GOD, after all is what life is all about!!!

...so I thought 2 start w this image that I scanned from my pijama sweat [ eh!:D , did u ever imagined a sweat talking to u?..], I like very it very much, I think it captures one the basics God has shown me some time ago about the 1st relationship on Hearth...and so on...so on;
so WorDs for What! Figure it @ ur own way..& by t WaY leave ur comments.

05 fevereiro 2005


I had to post something.. but I 'm quite sure what... Well, I just WANT 2 thank u LORD..'cause today, some years ago I "got out" into this world..eheheheh.. and what fun it has been to live the LIFE u GIVEN to me!!!

These last days I've been finally getting to experience for the 1st time in such a long time, what really is to be in Your presence and in tune all day long.. since my early days I've been searching this intimaticy.. this jumping into Your Leap Father! And now since I had this great chance of being part of an event of prayer... but not the usual kind of one we've thaught.. the creative & really free one;]; I'm getting all most all pieces together in my life... it's just great how God works on our behalf when decide 2 put Him 1st & 2 be with Him just chatting w Him as we do with our friends!

Get to know Him better,get close every single day and You will get 2 know Yourself better.. You'll find Yourself!! So HaVE a GreAT DAy... and by the way CONGRATULATIONS/THANKS YOU GOD also for creating me!!!!What a GREAt IdEa!!!eheheheh
[happy birthday 2 me!!]

01 fevereiro 2005

kestoes da vida ;] Posted by Hello

31 janeiro 2005

Heaven Eyes

" A single Thread in a tapestry
Though its color brightly shine
Can never see its purpose
In the pattern of the grand design

And the stone that sits on the very top
Of the mountain's mighty face
Does it think it's more important
Than the stones that form the base?

So how can you see what your life is worth
Or where your value lies?
You can never see through the eyes of man
You must look at your life

Look at your life through heaven's eyes

A lake of gold in the desert sand
Is less than a cool fresh spring
And to one lost sheep, a sheperd boy
Is greater than the richest king
If a man lose ev'rything he owns
Has he truly lost his worth?
Or is it the beguinning
Of a new and brighter birth?

So how can you measure the worth of man
In wealth or strengh or size?
In how much he gained or how much he gave?
The answer will come
The answer will come to him who tries

To look at his life through heaven's eyes

And that's why we share all we have with you
Though there's little to be found
When all you've got is nothing
There's a lot to go around

No life can escape being blown about
By the winds of chance and chance
And though you never know all the steps
You must learn to join the dance
You must learn to join the dance

So how do you judge what a man is worth
By what he builds or buys?
You can never see with yours eyes on hearth
Look through heaven's eyes
Look at your life
Look at your life
Look at your life through heaven's eyes!"

from "The prince of Egypt" soundtrack
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Produced by Gavin Greenaway

20 janeiro 2005


Todos os dias são bons dias para recordar, encontrar ou conhecer 1 amigo; sabe muito bem receber 1 carta ou 1 e-mail nos dias que correm, de alguém de quem não sabemos há muito, de alguém que nos considera 1 grande amigo ainda que só estivessemos estado 1 vez com essa pessoa, quando a conhecemos, e depois nos mantivessemos em contacto... E é simplesmente incrivel como Deus simplesmente dispõe pessoas, amigos, quando deles precisamos... aparecem 1s em lugar de outros que parece termos perdido ao longo do caminho; novos interesses, antigos e ainda actuais sonhos tomam vida quando partilhados com 1 amigo!! Toda a minha vida tenho visto que não sei viver sem amigos! São eles que melhor nos entendem quando estamos mais p'ra lá do que p'ra cá, são com eles que conseguimos fazer e falar as maiores das palhaçadas... e rir horas a fio. Ao fim ao cabo fomos criados com o propósito de nos relacionarmos, não "funceminamos" apenas sem os outros!
Sei que sempre tive 1 maior do que todos [ e desculpem-me agora os meus bons e melhores amigos, assim como os meus pais..], Deus, e graças a Ele, nunca tive razões de queixa, pois este Amigo, está lá sempre, mesmo que não o consigamos logo ver o que está a fazer ou a falar bem baixinho, a susurrar ao nosso coração...
A todos que já conheci até hoje, o meu muiTO OBRIGADO!!.. por serem simplesmente quem são, e por especialmente serem meus amigos!

05 janeiro 2005

folHA de PapeL

começar de novo
cair e voltar a levantar
dar os 1ºs passos
correr e saltar

criar e divertir

Olhar para trás
com 1 sorriso
Andar nas nuvens
sem me cansar

Saber pedir e ficar
..a ouvir tudo aquilo q Ele tem para me dizer.

1 ano novo
novinho em folha
folha.. folha de papel em branco
para eu poder desenhar TUDO
o que Tu quiseres, TUDo o q gostares

Sou 1 ctg
o q criar virá de Ti
o q partilhar serás TU em MIM
o q vibrar serei TU + EU..
festa, só mm festa,
o saber viver
esta vida q Nos DÁS.