27 novembro 2004


That look
It was just one
And I kickly realized you were there
Not forever by now
but looking at me

For the 1st time
I felt someome was watching me over
Taking care
just by one look
one smile

Today my tears
flow away
that I can't have that look
over me..
I've learned I've a Greater One
allways looking over me!
Mean while, I'll wait
that my life'll be as quiet
as Your original dream.
And then that... [ 'till the day ]
You'll awake me.

Thanks God for being allways there..
looking over me, for guiving me life,
for having created me as I am...
Your daughter, [the King´s daugther].

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sherazade disse...

Mmmm... andaste a ler um livro que eu cá sei! ;) Keep the good work!