30 outubro 2010

What will you do?

Em tempos de corrida e de muita coisa nova a acontecer, parei um pouco... Parei um pouco para falar com o meu Criador, falei-lhe dos meus anseios, desejos e projectos, das minhas dúvidas e de outros que também as têm... quando parei para escutar, Ele disse-me: " - És minha, aquieta-te ... "
Quando bom é ouvir palavras assim...
Parei mais um pouco e escutei que deveria voltar a fazer coisas simples [desenhar, fotografar; coisas que afinal de contas gosto ] e aí Ele estaria comigo! Após ter ficado a ouvir... meu coração cresceu em alegria, pois afinal de contas ninguém mais conhece realmente quem eu sou e do que preciso. De seguida li finalmente uma newsletter que recebo todos os dias com excertos de um livro do John Eldredge, digo isto pois raramente tenho tempo para a ler, simplesmente a arquivo com a etiqueta "ler e pensar"... e lá vão ficando num monte.
Valeu mesmo a pena ler! Nada melhor quando Deus confirma o que nos trouxe até nós em intimidade, ora leiam agora vocês!

Saturday, October 30, 2010
What Will You Do?

So, let me ask again: How would you live differently, if you believed your heart was the treasure of the kingdom?

What does your heart need? In some sense it's a personal question, unique to our make-up, and what brings us life. For some its music, for others its reading, for others they must garden. Our friend Lori loves the city; I can't wait to get out of one. Bart reads articles on flying; Cherie loves a good novel. Bethann loves horses and Gary needs time working in the woodshop. You know what makes your heart refreshed, the things that make you come alive. I don't get the thing with women and baths, but I know that Stasi loves them and finds a little retreat in a fifteen minute tub. "He leads me to soak in still, bubbly waters." For me and the boys its the dirtier, the happier.

Yet there are some things all hearts need in common. We need beauty; that's clear enough from the fact that God has filled the world with it, as he has given us sun and rain,

Wine that gladdens the heart of man,
Oil to make his face shine,
And bread that sustains his heart. (Psalm 104:15)

We need to drink in beauty wherever we can get it - in music, in nature, in art, in a great meal shared. These are all gifts to us from God's generous heart. Friends, those things are not decorations to a life; they are what brings us life.

The skies of blue
The fields of green
Are all for you

The silver moon
The shining sea
All for you

For you, the wind blows
For you, the river flows

And everything you dream about
Even the love you dream of, too,
Is all for you. (John Smith & Lisa Aschman, "All for You")

I don't think I could have finished this book if it weren't for the walks I take each day in the woods. My soul is tired, bone tired. The battle has been long and hard. Last night it began to snow. It is still snowing now. It, too, is a gift to my heart.

(Waking The Dead , 214, 215 )

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