03 maio 2009

Beautiful day

There were times I'd write about things I had never seen, but I truly knew I could believe in it.. I miss those times..the thing is we can't hold on to our past to build our present or what is yet to come; We can learn from our mistakes & even from our won battles, but there is always so much more...more unseen...
Now it is time to believe again & go forward, to take those dreams & make them real. How? Not on our strength but in the One that created all things & knows exactly how we all work inside. Let God show you what you need to throw away & what you need to take hold off.
'Cause His promises are still alive today..'"You'll do great things..than I! " said Jesus. And also He promises things no eye has seen before..
Have a GREAT sunday.
Yours , clarita.

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