03 junho 2006

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" The Wicked witch hated the love that the woodsmanhad for the young maiden. She set out to destroy him. Litle by litle his limbs were cut off and replacedwith arms, and hands and feet of tin.The final blow was to his heart.
At first the woodsman didn't mind. It made him much more productive. He could work harder and faster, accomplishing more. Everything was just fine as long as he kept well oiled. One day he forgot to oil his joints and the rain camedown and he found himself frozen, unable to move. During the year that he stood there he had a lot of time to think. He thought about the great loss that he had suffered, the loss of his heart. "
in Wizard of Oz _ The Tin Man

[..."on the road" to find it, once again; going pantiently & stronger this time.I m coming up! Almost there with the help of The Greatest Friends_Jesus_ & all my other friends_Thanx everybody!! Keep in touch & praying !]