30 agosto 2005

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The vision and The Vow,
by Pete Greig
... received yesterday by mail from Chichester - W.Sussex - UK; can hardly wait to read it.. or better to go on reading it, since I had read a bit as I told you about it in "Time 2 trust" post.
I'll quote some parts just 2 give u a glimpse of it, the introduction on the 1st page of this book [1] & then leave some few links, so you can check out by yourself what is this all about. It's a double-sided book, in one side you have "The Vision - the call 2 dicipleship" broken down line-by-line & illustrated, like in ancient times books were wrote & drawn at church / monasteries. If you turned the book up side down, on the other side you have "The Vow - re-descovering life & grace".

[1] "Your young men will see visions" (The prophet Joel)

"The Vision" has touched literally millions of lives already, having spread by word of mouth from a single room in England to Washington D.C., Sydney, Australia, and the underground Church of China. These words, written by Pete Greig, have stirred artists, Djs, filmmakers, and countless ordinary people to live "dangerously, obsessively, and undeniably" for Jesus.

> 2 read - The Vision [ also in Portuguese- but its a Brazilian version ]
> 2 hear it - mp3
> 2 order UK, order Canada [ here you can also have more info on it ]

P.S. ... anything at all, just ask! ...alguma coisa é só perguntar ;].
No I do not receive anything @ all for "advertising it", just know many of us are in this track, so please check it out... passo toda a PUB, 'tou apenas a divulgar algo q está relacionado c/mtos de nós.

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