30 agosto 2005

1 BOok

The vision and The Vow,
by Pete Greig
... received yesterday by mail from Chichester - W.Sussex - UK; can hardly wait to read it.. or better to go on reading it, since I had read a bit as I told you about it in "Time 2 trust" post.
I'll quote some parts just 2 give u a glimpse of it, the introduction on the 1st page of this book [1] & then leave some few links, so you can check out by yourself what is this all about. It's a double-sided book, in one side you have "The Vision - the call 2 dicipleship" broken down line-by-line & illustrated, like in ancient times books were wrote & drawn at church / monasteries. If you turned the book up side down, on the other side you have "The Vow - re-descovering life & grace".

[1] "Your young men will see visions" (The prophet Joel)

"The Vision" has touched literally millions of lives already, having spread by word of mouth from a single room in England to Washington D.C., Sydney, Australia, and the underground Church of China. These words, written by Pete Greig, have stirred artists, Djs, filmmakers, and countless ordinary people to live "dangerously, obsessively, and undeniably" for Jesus.

> 2 read - The Vision [ also in Portuguese- but its a Brazilian version ]
> 2 hear it - mp3
> 2 order UK, order Canada [ here you can also have more info on it ]

P.S. ... anything at all, just ask! ...alguma coisa é só perguntar ;].
No I do not receive anything @ all for "advertising it", just know many of us are in this track, so please check it out... passo toda a PUB, 'tou apenas a divulgar algo q está relacionado c/mtos de nós.

20 agosto 2005

sHApE iT

click p/zoOM _ praia do Meco _ 12 ago'05 _ cxp

...às vzs qdo menos esperamos, encontramos coisas :) na praia;
como alguém me disse nesse dia, enqto eu experimentava a pequena forma, e
se verificava q quase sempre virar o resultado ficava sem cabeça...
" - Pois, se calhar é por isso q algum miudo se fartou dela e a deitou fora !!"
... ou então ficou mesmo por lá perdida. Ou como eu pensei ao desenformar a areia: " Qdo a cabeça não tem juiízo, o corpo é q paga!"

Espero q estejam a ter 1 bom tempo este verão! HAVe FuN, whiLe U cAN!!
...e já agora deixem estas pequenas coisas à vossa volta, vos falem!?
Deixem q Ele vos molde, à medida q descobrem/observam.. estas coisas simples
... da vida!

15 agosto 2005


"Irás por el camino buscando a Dios:
pero atento a las necesidades de tus hermanos.
En cualquier momento, en cualquier lugar,
entre cualquier compañía, te harás la admirable
prengunta de Franklin:
"Que bien puedo hacer yo aquí?"
Y siempre encontrarás una respuesta
en lo hondo de tu corazón.
Apareja el oído, los ojos y las manos, para que ninguna
necesidad ninguna angustia, ningún desamparo, pasen de largo. Y cuando a nadie veas en el camino lleno de huellas,
que relumbran al sol.
Cuando el camino esté ya solitario, vuélvete inmediatamente hacia tu Dios escondido. Si El te pregunta dentro de tí mismo:
--¿Cómo es que no me buscabas, hijo mío?
Le dirás:
--Te buscaba, Señor, pero en los otros.
--¿Y me habías encontrado?
--Sí, Señor: estabas en la angustia, en las necesidades,
en el desvalimiento de los otros.
Y El, por toda respuesta, sonreírá dulcemente."

Iras por el camino -
Amado Nervo

10 agosto 2005


" Tinha que saber...tinha que ao menos 1 vez na vida
saber o que era sonhar
sem te ver
sem me recordar de ti
Estar simplesmente aqui,
só eu, sozinha;
para saber como era estar sem saber o que viria a seguir;
nem mesmo uma pista. Estar como que
pela 1a vez a começar de novo;
sabia quem era, o que tinha,
mas para onde iria?
Tinha que saber, que tentar sem rede desta vez;
não ir sem direcção, mas com convicção
e sem complicar.

Tinha que saber
tinha que saber, saber e saber...
Até que alguém amigo me disse
que antes de mais tinha que[saber] parar, resolver, esperar.

Agora quero:
saber andar sem os pés assentes no chão,
correr sem me cansar,
esperar por ti...e entretanto...quero
viver! "

16 Nov ‘04
Clara X. Porfírio

02 agosto 2005

TimE 2 TrUST

3rd july '05 _ malveira da serra _ going down 2 the beach _ cxpPosted by Picasa

As I had the chance of being away for a time of prayer @ Uhlers in the beguinning of july, something came alive 2 me. There was going to be a 48h prayer room & @ same time it was time to be around with each other, just take our time... read a book or walk through the mountains 'till the sea near by... what ever it would come around; so I went there for a slot @ prayer room on friday, just when it started, afterwards stayed for a time of worship, praying together & came back home. But as I wasn't satisfied! As I shared that, Lisa suggested me I'd come the next day so I could spend more time & that they'd like 2 pray over me. Even though I was feeling tired, I rested all day long on saturday & then I just had 2 go, what ever what I'd do next; I spent there the night in a tent on the garden...it remembered me good times;)... while I couldn't sleep ['cause I had slept too much during the day] I started 2 read a book, that I've curious for some time now - "The Vision / The Vow" from Pete Greig ,1 of the founders of 24-7 prayer. My flash light went off quickly, so I had to turn to [my feet] side where I could have some light, from of the outside street lamp. After some other funny things I got finally 2 sleep...

On the other day I had the chance 2 go 'till the beach with Carey [ + Chica on her back], Joey , Marty, Lisa & Heather; as we came back there was something that caught my eyes: Heather was getting tired & getting behind; she just shouted out loud to her dad :" - You just wait there, untill I get there!" [she demanded]. Then with her dad, sometimes she was walking with him,another time on his sholders " -Well I like it much more up here, I can see it all!" [Heather was getting happy & confident now!]; then Byron putted Heather down & told her to go in front, told her something 'bout marching @ a rhythm... all the rest of the way she asked if we were allmost there, but she was quite enthusiastic. Why? Quite simple, her dad did not stop all the way saying "- You are doing great!" & answeing all her questions with a smile.
During the day I chat with Lisa, kept on 2 read a bit more of that book I had started, & as I fliped over 2 see what were the next chapters, somethig else caught my attention "not clarity, but trust" - someone had written on the top of a page... so I read that small chapter. I found out two more interesting situations.
One, where someone asked Madre Teresa de Calcutá, how did she got 'till that day & if she could pray for direction for this person life; she answered that she wouldn't pray for clarity, 'cause she had never had that, the thing she had learned was trust - this was what she could pray for!
Then the other where the author tell us 'bout his son, that when he wants to go to the park, he jsut runs into his arms & says "- Dad I want 2 go the park!"; he doesn't really wants directions how 2 get there, he just knows his dad knows how to get there.

Well by now, you've probably understood where did I got!?
These things I saw or read, showed me how usually it happens between God & us.
How He stands always as a father supporting, encouraging us along the way & how we have definitively to TRUST. We are always waiting on God's direction & wanting to know it all [or please just a bit! ...just a clue!!] what should I do next or where should I go; we want clear instructions inside ourselves... but well I found recently [or once again] that only thing to do is to remain on Him.

& as a friend shared recently, He says :
"You will be delivered by returning and resting;
your strength will lie in quiet confidence."
Isaiah 30:15