19 julho 2005

TimE 2 DrEAm

While you share, you discover yourself, learn new things with others... better: while you share, you turn your dreams alive!

I've been dreaming a lot for Pt these last times, not just 2 start something I'd like 2 do & feel realizated with, but seeing things differently & believing in it!
If there is power in our own words... just imagine if we all start "dreaming out loud" over what ever in our life [we are going through]... as well, over our own nation!

I get really :) as I find out people who dare to do it!
This encourages me not stop dreaming...

This weekend I got the chance of being away with my family in a house that was fruit of dream... a peacefull place near by the mountains, Alvados, Porto de Mós; I felt really great there, we all did, it was just we were really being at home; since I got there I could not forget what David said & as I had the chance of sleeping out side in a "modern Hamaca"...as I saw the morning wakening [this to cut a long story short] I surely understood much better his words : " -I look up to the mountains – does my help come from there? My help comes from the LORD..." [1]
At the end we find out how they really do it as a family and to families! Thank you Rita, Rui,António e all the family @ Casa dos Matos [2] for receiving us as one of the family!
Back home I read about lots of details on the story of this place & as I started looking for a way of organizing/publishing my photos I ended up discovering new stories.

I found out something different.
This is Andrea, she is a painter, jewelry designer & photographer.
Check out the 2 last posts on her journal, 1 on Cindy who is courageously taking her time 2 start over & the last 1 on those casual daily life events that make you :) & that make you think over so many other things! [this has link to a bike shop ..check out all the concept of the shop & their social mission !]

These kind of stories get me thinking & really get enthusiastic about what we all can do with little! My heart just starts to go faster... I want to do something!! I dream about it !!
And w
ell this is just sharing something I found out, someone who has turned ideas into reality... still fighting with it...like this we realize that there is so much that can be done!
I count/trust on your creativity & dreams 2 pop out at the same time that we continuously support each other - learn 2 live as a comunity.
Come on it's time TO STAND UP! BRING dreams into reality!
DARE 2 do it! And by the way, keep sharing your stories ... we learn so much as we do it!

[1] Psalms 121:1
[2] another site- Casa dos Matos - Wonderfulland

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Paula disse...

"Ninguém ensina ninguém, ninguém aprende sozinho.
Os homens aprendem em comunhão."

Paulo Freire