04 junho 2005


What if...
… suddenly everything you know

or call reality was gone?
… you would feel lost, on an unknown land
not belonging to any one?

I would tell you…

You’ll have to go far away
to get close & find your self.
You’ll have to get lost
to get there in a second.

You’ll feel that you’re the only one;
One of a kind
from” another race”.

[who knows… a winner one]

Far away from everything
you call your,from your “casual day “…

…you’ll know
Who you are;
Your roots are there, you can not deny,
the knowledge also.

All you have to do:... get back on “Your Horse”,

[ Get your self together ]

look [straight] ahead, go on , on “The Track”.

( … )

8th/9 th October ‘04
Clara X. Porfírio

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