10 março 2005


[ I was just going to do something quite simple..I got carried away;) click on it to zoOM] Posted by Hello

..for the ones that are here, for the ones that are there, for the ones I met once, for those I've never saw again; for the ones I talk with ever single day, the ones I know for many years, the new ones...
Please do not be sad if u're picture isn't here...u're so many it wouldn't feet here!!ehehehe!!!!... this is just a piece of some of my friends... maybe some of the most recent ones.. others for some years now!...
All of you are in my HeArT, so do not think I've forgotten u!

Each day I'll be just thankfull to GOD u've dropped into my life!
TO u AlL..Thanx!

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travelingcompanion disse...

so nice to see this! don't think that we never wanted to answer your last mails to us. we are having problems with our server and it won't let us send to some addresses so our mails to you come back. anyway, i wanted to say that we are also so happy to be getting to know you. we know that god has brought us all together. i just came home from holland last night. i was teaching up there. anyway, just wanted to say hello and let you know we are still here! haven't disappeared just because we can't answer your mails :-) all for now! -lisa borden

cxp disse...

thanks!Lisa!I received a mail from Barbara today & she told me u're having some trouble sending mails 2 me!She also.. she just made it with whitestonecrew e-mail.
How was it in Holland?