05 fevereiro 2005


I had to post something.. but I 'm quite sure what... Well, I just WANT 2 thank u LORD..'cause today, some years ago I "got out" into this world..eheheheh.. and what fun it has been to live the LIFE u GIVEN to me!!!

These last days I've been finally getting to experience for the 1st time in such a long time, what really is to be in Your presence and in tune all day long.. since my early days I've been searching this intimaticy.. this jumping into Your Leap Father! And now since I had this great chance of being part of an event of prayer... but not the usual kind of one we've thaught.. the creative & really free one;]; I'm getting all most all pieces together in my life... it's just great how God works on our behalf when decide 2 put Him 1st & 2 be with Him just chatting w Him as we do with our friends!

Get to know Him better,get close every single day and You will get 2 know Yourself better.. You'll find Yourself!! So HaVE a GreAT DAy... and by the way CONGRATULATIONS/THANKS YOU GOD also for creating me!!!!What a GREAt IdEa!!!eheheheh
[happy birthday 2 me!!]

2 comentários:

sherazade disse...

Hey! U didn't tell me that 5th of February was ur birthday! Happy birthday to u, and may u endure until the end. A big hug! *************

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