15 fevereiro 2005


my favorite pijama;]

Well I've been thinking of posting stuff 'bout a subject I really like, not just in "words" in daily life_action_
relationship(s); stuff I've read some where lately or written or talked 'bout w someone.Let's see how it will turn!?
People, frienDs, lives, GOD, after all is what life is all about!!!

...so I thought 2 start w this image that I scanned from my pijama sweat [ eh!:D , did u ever imagined a sweat talking to u?..], I like very it very much, I think it captures one the basics God has shown me some time ago about the 1st relationship on Hearth...and so on...so on;
so WorDs for What! Figure it @ ur own way..& by t WaY leave ur comments.

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