27 fevereiro 2005

SHAre it

« yeh!!! I found urs @ Heidi's Blog!!So I took a
deep breath, 1st I read ur profile, then ur post on 5th feb... What caught my eye was:«..and then an EXPECTATION...just like dating with someone...it keeps the passion of the first love...we go to be alone with our lover...it's this expectation that will open our hearts to listen to God and find Him...» 'Cause I've shared this w u, but the weeks before the prayer room started, God has been showing(through news letters f/friends, other stuff I listenned 2 in t web or read) that the bible,from beguinning 'till the end, is all'bout, Romance, This Sacred Romance ;].It starts with a relationship, and it ends also.As well He has showing me that I can be w Him, like my Most of All (that He is!), my Guy!So That is it!Life can never be separeted f/This Great LovE!1 hug, clara.»

Well I had to copy, paste this... it was something I had thought about posting, so here it is... I wrote it as a comment on a blog of new friend of mine.. she really cool and has been sharing her heart about God, prayer, experiences, dreams.. and I had the chance of being helping her at the 24-7 prayer room... so check this out and if you want to know more about what happened go to her blog http://shantipilgrim.blogspot.com/so you can understand the context or check out the internationational site about this prayer movement at http://www.24-7prayer.com/cm/.

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