24 dezembro 2004


dad's chocolates: 1st x_mas gift.Posted by Hello

...it's cold, it's freezing around here in this small town _ Azeitão_ where we usually spend this time of the year; 2 days ago the thermoter of the car started blinking, it was 3 degrees, then 2,5 degrees; Thanks God when we arrived here it was already 4. It's really Christmas time!!!ui:]brrrrrr.
I'm all by self in this really cold living room... not quite alone on that conner over there... lots of packets and presents, because yesterday my brother and his wife were here helping out in several things preparing these busy following days, and left all the presents behind a sofa near by the fire place. Normally we've them very well kept somewhere 'till midnight of today's date. Well, this year seams like this festive time is longer, because we started earlier to prepare it, since we are the main house to receive everyone from the family, on the 25, opS TOMOROW!?

Well let's start from the beguinning:

0 day : 21st. some shopping _ Lisbon

1st day: 22nd. Cleanning the house _ Azeitão; "nails done" [ this quite a special extra really, it had to be christmas and it will stay for new year special eve; who knows me, know that I usually don't care much 'bout this things], double packing_ Barreiro, for the 24/25...31. Some shopping and finally coming to Azeitão!Uf..then it was FreEziNg..br.brrr.

2nd day: 23rd. Being by myself resting :].eheh, everyone else went shopping;
cooking, helping out in the kitchen. We were making the filling and the putting in the turkeys; then sewing them like in surgery.ReaDy to go in the next day to the firewood oven.

3rd day: 24th.Cooking sweets, wrapping up gifts, staying at home:]
Also today we'll cook the turkeys in the oven, for tomorrow main x-mas family meal.
Getting myself under a really HOT shower..right way after I'll finish this.. my right hand it's changing itself into ice. Oh! Forgetting all... tonight we'll eat simple boiled/cooked cod and vegetables;
...22:00, 23:00, 24:00!!!! It's TIME to guive and receive gifts!! eheheheh!!!

4th day: 25th.CHRISTMAS.family.lauhgts.gifts.food.celebration.PaRtY.

5th day :26th. Get things together, packing.

6th day : 27th. Madeira here we go!!
Really early in the morning, by 6:45.. we'll have to be at the airport at Lisbon. Next stop? Madeira island, this year we're finally getting the chance of going out as a family in this time of the year... the last days of it!!THEN HAPPY NeW YeAr!!!!!!

See you next year, have a wonderfull time, allways with the most of ALLS set in our Hearts, He was the ONE who came for us, who left the heavnly confort and took the risk of becaming a human as a baby... JESUS, it's the best of presents I've to offer you!
Be thankfull this x-mas for His birth and for Him.
Be Happy, Be smilling, Be Strong, Be content.. well and in the 2005 also!;]

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