12 julho 2005


For all my life 1 thing I have treasured the most or fighted for since I can remember - friends / relationships - we all have realized how important is to have friends, people in who we can trust.
I have also found out how much we can just learn from each other, how much is into just being ourselves, simple things we say, share - how this can fulfill others needs without we even noticing it. It can happen when we smile to someone in the street or in a silent time you spend with your best friend. As you give, not thinking in something in return, you'll receive,
still continue to give and still want to find out so much more... because there is so much than we can achieve and conquer together. I sometimes find myself smiling as I think about all this, just as a friend wrote in her last post
“This is just way too much fun!” . [0]

On the other hand, I know that sometimes as we expect too much, get really disapointed and then it hurts, I've been there sometimes and what do we do? We easily create walls around us, so that next time it would not happen. Sometimes it's quite normal we need our space or being by ourselves, but also there is a time for everything; the true is that we were not all-equipped for walking alone! We just can not see that we were created, just like that, "we're born for love; made to relate". [1] These longings come from God's own nature since we're made on His own image, as the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit continuously are relating to each other and were already before everything else was created!

One thing I can see is that this is an issue to be re-thinked constantly in our lives; we can do wonderful things through it [to reach/help others & as well ourselves, 'cause we discover things we wouldn't find out alone], it's our nature, it's God's nature on us.
So I see it as something natural in our daily lives, not as a technic or a strategie, but as something that flows from God's heart to the heart's of each one of us, and then to the hearts of others.
... there's a lot yet to be done!

[0] Borden, Lisa - Retreat Reflections, LisboaMatrix, 10th July post
[1] Hugget, Joyce - Just Good Friends? Growing in relationships, book

[I am trying 2 put in few words several ideas that God has been teaching me along so much time, through different situations since I was a child and even now that life is in a different phase and responsabilities.He has been showing me again.. It's difficult, 'cause I've met so many people along the way and each one has brought me something completly different, special and unique. Also through subjects I wrote/shearched about, verses, books I read; I think I'll write more into it... I hope so!]

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Anónimo disse...

hi,sorry if mi english is not so good ok.but i read,and i love't,i agree with the text.i just want to say that,menkind walways is searching for something inside themselves,but the best way to find something inside ourselves it's the relationship with others,specialli if our relation with the criator is true,then,the others around us will being enjoy our company.(in mi opinion)

Paula disse...

Clara, gostei muito...