13 junho 2005


...since february, through quiet times, speaking with friends here & there...
There are 3 things which need 2 be found, 2 be re-discovered, that are lacking in our daily lifes, families, streets, schools, jobs, churches and in our own country or even in our world.

So think about it... get into it...

1 Intimacy

  • + of God / - of ourselves [ 2 search Him, Know Him & be with Him ]
  • your heart [it all starts at the heart: decisions, the brokenness, the being available, atitude, changing of mentalities ]
  • others [ speak, comunicate, share with each other what is going on in your head & mostly in your heart!]
2 Identity

  • culture / society [ know your routs; grab your city/country own way of being ]
  • spiritual [ tackle boldly your position in Christ , do not let any one take it! ]
  • you / people [ know yourself; your background; have an individual consciousness 2 know 'till where you can go; as well beware of your gifts, skills and also of those :( stuff about your character ]

3 Simplicity

  • God's Things = simple things [... it is man who usually complicates , messes up everything ]
  • start small ... we don't need to have it all [ God blesses small beguinnings !]
  • in speaking, in being with each other... just be yourself!
    [ do not be afraid of showing your true colors ... ]

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Nuno Barreto disse...

How we miss simplicity...

Nuno Barreto disse...

O que me levou a ti foi descobrir através do technorati que tinhas um link para o blog da Bárbara, e outro para a Lisboa Matrix :)