26 maio 2005


" Words are like leaves;
where they most abound,
much fruit of sense
is rarely found"
Alexander Pope

"Dentro do nosso espírito
são colocadas as impressões de Deus"
João Cardoso _ 15 maio 05

"The rulling passion,
be it what it will,
the rulling passion
conquers reason still"
Alexander Pope

21 maio 2005


Just heard a lady from Marrocos,on a Tv program 'bout different cultures, telling her story when she came 2 Portugal... 1st just with her husband because of work; then they went back 2 their country, but 4 months later they were back here... they now live here and she manages a Marroco's traditional restaurant in Bairro Alto... she heard once a sentence from some friends : "Home is where yOUR heArT is.."; then she simply explained that here was where her heArT was beating faster and where she was trully living life...

It was quite amazing 2 hear about this family, as so many others that lately I am having the pleasure 2 meet & get 2 know; all my life I've been surrounded with friends from so many different places... and just love it, my HeArt gets really alive with them!

These days in wich we are living, mobility, got new meanings & strengh as a concept; also as something quite common on our daily lives... it's getting unique as our culture background and global @ same time as comunication in our days; today you are here, tomorrow there... even inside your own country! Because of business or simple times of rest, holidays, or to visit someone, in one way or another everyone gets that chance!

We were born in one place, we've our roots there.. but why do we can't just stay there?!
There's a inner need in people allways about something...

To Know more, 2 search peace, 2 go on and find new things, people & places...

Well, I think that is just us, human beings, we can't stay still... as God is all over ... we want to be as Our father or even more simply we are like Our father! ;]

[ LoOL, I was not planning 2 write all this stuff, I just started with the detail I found out in my "blue warm vest", that I had scanned, then one thing led 2 another... & suddenly I had wrote all this!!!]

19 maio 2005


" How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting,by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd;"

Eloisa to Abelard
Alexander Pope

[to read the complete poem, check out :
http://eir.library.utoronto.ca/rpo/display/poem1630.html ]

12 maio 2005


great adventures..1 year ago, 2nd day in London, no ticket 2 go in...
then after going through each single door @ Royal Albert Hall, @
main one, I asked some students, then 2 ppl from organization...
"-Do u want a Ticket? Here you have..!" It's Great when in middle of
u don't know what is going 2 happen next, of no matter what,
u trust & determine not 2 guive up :] !!
...by the way ConGraTulations Friend for 1 year of ur life has passed
since u GraDuAted!
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[ image = just some tickets/stuff from while I was in Uk_ May '04 ]

02 maio 2005


there's no place like Arrabida... one of my favorite spots to think, sing
walk, swim, and listenning to God ;]...

I am :D, 'cause on the 7th May me & some friends will be able to go
through it _ a special guided walk to observe nature & also to reflect
on "Creation, justicy & Profecy"_ organized by "A Rocha" & GBU.